…just realize I will probably not be posting any new stories, so don’t get your hopes up :( just wanted to check in here and say hi <3

How are people still on my page?

How is it that this blog that I haven’t logged onto in ages is still getting followers AND has more daily pageviews than my current tumblr?

You guys are still so awesome even though I’ve disappeared <3

Anonymous asked

when you say you write other stuff, do you mean privately or do you publish it on a blog or another site? I've always thought you were a really talented writer :)

Thanks lovely anon! <3

I’m currently on a writing hiatus, but I have another tumblr where I published my other stories/etc. It’s totally different than writing what I wrote here since the people I write about aren’t together, although they were co-stars on tv.

Anonymous asked

& also what are you writing now and where if I may ask?

Hi! I am currently not writing anywhere, but I did start a new story on my other tumblr page. Sorry I abandoned this one basically :( <3

Anonymous asked

Hey, I was wondering whether you could give me a link to all your wonderful stories because I want to re read all of them. They were amazing. I remember last year this time you were writing about Selena going mad haha. &

No idea if anyone of my anons still wants answers, but I just came in to clean out some messages haha.

All my stories can be found there. Much love to you anon, sorry this is so late <3

 Selena seen out and about in New York with friends (July 9th)
Selena seen out and about in New York with friends (July 9th)

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Anonymous asked

Can you make a story where she is blind¿ I really loved the one shot. But like it would be amazing if it started from the time she got blind and things like that. I loved Muted Harmony also. I need to read something sad.

Hi lovely anon! Unfortunately I’m not really writing on this blog anymore :(

Maybe one day I’ll come back to writing jelena, but for now i’m writing other stuff. I hope you found stuff to read!